• Never too late to Fly

    There is a story of bird that, after having flown for a long time, leans on the branch of a tree to rest. While resting, it finds the wellbeing of staying there until, little by little, it gets the idea that its life is on the branch. When a…

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  • Miserable at your workplace?

    Maybe some time you feel yourself working in the wrong working environment, surrounded by such negative people. They may whine, scream, glare, pout, or call you all sorts of names, but never does it mean that you must pick up on any of it, you can lovingly and politely…

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  • The Essence of HR

    HR over the last decade has become very transformational and obsessed by process and efforts to make organisations function more efficient and effective, but unfortunately management still facing growing challenges. Now is the time for a new HR solutions,

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