• I Want To Resign!

    Sometimes you feel like you need to move to other employer because you do not really feel happy with the workplace’s environment or with your colleagues. Looking outside as perfect place to be, however even if you move, you may face the same situations because your inside is not...

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  • Are you running marathon in your mind?

    In the contemporary business issues and external contexts, organisations aims to stay competitive and cope with internal and external business’ environment challenges, therefore their management and employees will have high pressure on them on how to work as one team and meet business’ objectives effectively and efficiently, or even...

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  • No one can hold you back!

    In your career path you may encounter people trying to steal your success or prevent you from moving forward in your career progression. They could be a line manager or even your co-workers, waiting for a small mistake to blame you or even create stories to hold you back,...

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  • Be an Example First

    When you get promoted in a new position as “Manager” maybe you will think now that you need to control people, organise people, and coordinate people. In other words, you have to force your team members to achieve what you want. This thinking pattern is driven from deep within...

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  • Coaching

    In this article, Coaching will be presented from my own personal perspective. My name is Eman Saeed and I am a Professional Coach and a Business Developer in Victory Training Institute. I have been using so many different coaching techniques with myself and my staff and even my family….

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