Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) deals with the ability and capacity to recognize, manage and assess one’s emotion and others as well as its effect. In this manner, people who have high EQ could identify which emotion they are feeling and why, they could also relate between their feelings and what they think, say and do.
People who are emotionally smart and intelligent could identify and recognize how their feelings affect their personal life, relationship towards other people as well as their performance at work and these abilities are some of the reasons why Emotional Intelligence increases the ability of the person to make good decision, build a good relationship to others, deal with stress and easily cope with change and rejections.



Trainees will be awarded with a Certificate of Attendance by VTDI. This Programme is accredited by Hull University & IAO.



  • All managers, leaders and professionals who need to have in-depth knowledge of human behavior.
  • Anyone who is interested in developing themselves to be a better leader and manager.
  • Individuals who desire to apply psychological knowledge to result in management and leadership strategies.
  • Those who aim to define, gain knowledge and develop their emotions and how it affects those around them and their productiveness.


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Prerequisites: N/A
Lecturers: VTDI
Delivery: English
Duration: 20 Hours


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