Victory Training & Development Institute

VTDI is a Training Institute established in June, 2008 , and operates in the Kingdom of Bahrain to improve the skills and knowledge of workforce in the Gulf region to create better workplace practices and effective performance levels in various organizations. In Nov. 2009, We were authorized by the Quality Assurance Authority for Education and Training (QAAET) Recognition and Approval.

The aim and focus of the Institute is primarily to deliver high-quality and career-relevant education by combining Education and Training to offer High International Accredited Standards in this Region.

About us

Victory Training and Development institute is a training provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Founded in 2008, we provide learning and development solutions to individuals and organisations in the Middle east. We offer locally and internationally accredited programmes for individuals and tailor-made solutions for organisations.

Our purpose

We exist to enable people and organisations to achieve their aspirations by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge required for today’s competitive environment.

Our vision

We are fully committed to the founding principles of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Vision 2030 by placing people at the heart of economic growth and prosperity. To ensure this we work in partnership with the government, individuals and organisations both locally and internationally. In doing so, we aim to be the best, rather than the biggest.

Our values

Our values make us who we are. They show how we do our work and the way we interact with different stakeholders. They make us one of a kind.


We are committed to supporting individuals and organisations to achieve. We are committed to quality of our work and recognise the impact that it has on the different stakeholders. We deliver what we promise.


We are always open to new opportunities, ideas, ways of working and feedback. We value the input by the different stakeholders in our pursual for continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. We are straightforward in our dealings. What you see is what you get – nothing less.

Focus on outcomes

Whilst we understand the value of means, we like to focus on outcomes since this is what makes the difference. We have a ‘can do’ attitude and make things happen. We take pride in the impact of our work.


The VTDI team members bring a high level of expertise and energy. We have built a team of enthusiastic professionals spanning a variety of disciplines, who bring diverse perspectives to every project. Our business development and trainers combine practical knowledge of the latest developments in the field of VTDI with experience in organising and executing training programmes. To further improve these programmes and develop new teaching methods to guarantee a maximum level of knowledge transfer, we also have in-house educational specialists in our team. We empower our team with the tools and possibilities to best support the specific needs of our clients.


In just a few years, we have come a very long way. In 2008, when we first started we were servicing a few dozen clients, all of them in Kingdom of Bahrain. By the end of 2013, we achieved tenfold growth in clients and trainees numbers and we have more international training programs servicing all levels of employees in and outside Bahrain. Today our ambition is to go much further; to become the GCC leader in training solutions for the international affiliated programs in all professional business areas. The best investment for all companies is in man. Due to this, as the Vice President in a training and development institute I am responsible for overall training, learning and ensuring a high standard of quality. At VTDI we believe that creating a culture of hard work and commitment to quality is an outcome of setting high academic standards for our staff and clients. We wish you every success in selecting your further training programs and warmly welcome you to VTDI in Bahrain.

Omar Al-Mannai
Vice President
Training & Development Institute