Be an Example First

  • Ali Al-Aradi

    HRD Lecturer & Writer

When you get promoted in a new position as “Manager” maybe you will think now that you need to control people, organise people, and coordinate people. In other words, you have to force your team members to achieve what you want. This thinking pattern is driven from deep within you, it’s your inner fear that you are afraid to miss deadlines or not to meet department’s objectives and fear from your general manager, which for sure will affect your relation with the team members which will even make the situation worse.

Generally speaking, if you really do not want to miss deadlines or not meet objectives, then you need to start leading your team members in which, leadership is not a title that gives you authority from your job description, but it’s your conscious attitude toward your team members, how they look at you in the workplace.

When you want to practice leadership, first of all, you need to understand that you don’t need to control or threat people to do what you want, but to go behind that by influencing them, through being a good example of what you want to achieve, showing them that it is possible to achieve it. So if you want to see your team members punctual, responsible, committed, motivated, and courteous, then you need to be an example first.

Ali Al-Aradi
HRD Lecturer & Writer


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