• Overcoming Interview Fear

    When the fear of communicating effectively exists inside you e.g. when appearing for a work interview, it may be due to personal insecurity. You have to work on it in order to have more security, confidence and authoritativeness. Being secure and full of authority in the moment of communicating...

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  • What You Should Know About Handling a Team of Creatives

    If there’s one thing we all understand about creative people, it’s this: They’re a lot different than the rest of us. Creatives are “individuals” in the truest sense, and tend to eschew the kind of structure and organization that so many others are naturally drawn to.

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  • Zombie in my office

    When employees get up every morning without energy, walking to their work like zombie, their heads are quite heavy, it's pointing straight down, and seeing everything in gray color. Then this is seriously the time to look for the root cause of this phenomenon in workplace, it may not...

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  • Feminine leadership needed!

    If you want to take your organisation to the next level you will need to adopt new strategy in managing human resource, a strategy behind the traditional approach, is to bring the feminine leadership to the table, when I promote the feminine leadership style I don’t mean to exclude...

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  • Championing better working life

    If you felt one day that your workplace become crazy! When the workload becomes out of control and your team members are building a so called ‘Berlin Wall’ between departments and becomes an enemy assembling to prepare for the third world war, then it’s the right time to...

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