How do you look at yourself?

  • Ali Al-Aradi

    HRD Lecturer & Writer

How do you look at yourself

Why have we come to this world? Is it to satisfy the expectations of others or to bring what is unique and exceptional in us? Living life with purpose is like an individual running to reach s/his dream, not wasting a single minute in suffering from any obstacle on the journey, but to jamb high and continue the way. Imagine that someone accompanies you in your life, values everything that you do and finds it to be great: what you do, what you say; you are the best; extraordinary; a shining being; a star. Now imagine that you have that person next to you day and night. How do you feel? On top form and you are fine. This happens in relationships. When someone loves you very much, they practically only think about you; they ring you, they send you text messages, maybe they write you letters or emails. You feel unique, special and loved.

This does not last forever and, nowadays, it lasts less and less. The difficulty is that if you depend on the look of the other to feel fine, sometimes you will be fine if the person looking at you does it well, but if not, you won’t be feeling fine?

This the unconditional friend which you are looking for, the one who loves you so much and supports you in all situations, is actually the one who is Inside You ! You can be your best friend, since you will not expect any things from any one, this will give you emotional freedom, security and trust. If someone else likes you or doesn’t like you and criticizes you, you won’t be collapse within, because to be fine you do not depend on the look of the other.


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