Never too late to Fly

  • Ali Al-Aradi

    HRD Lecturer & Writer

There is a story of bird that, after having flown for a long time, leans on the branch of a tree to rest. While resting, it finds the wellbeing of staying there until, little by little, it gets the idea that its life is on the branch. When a day arrives on which it asks itself why it doesn’t carry on flying, it says “Oh, this branch is stuck to me and I can’t fly!” The bird blames the branch. In reality, the bird has got stuck to the branch. It has the capacity and the wings to fly but its perception is clouded. It no longer sees its purpose with clarity or its potential to reach it. The freedom of the bird is in its wings but it has got stuck onto the branch. That is the reality that it has created for itself.

The development’s key of the human resource is in their consciousness. But when their consciousness has got stuck onto a branch (thought) and they begin to blame the others for their impossibility to free themselves (development), then they are trapped. Therefore never believe anyone who says you cannot change, or that you should not tamper with your personality. The truth is, you are already changing numerous times every day. And it is never too late to contemplate a change in personality, which simply means changing the way you see and respond to people and the world around you.

You can either live on a branch experiencing the pain that is known as stress – it’s what most people do because it seems the easiest way to live – or you let go of the branch and fly high. Every time you change one of your old habits, of creating pain as a response to life, it will be one more step towards enjoying life.

You are your own greatest asset, put your time and energy into training, improving and encouraging yourself. Then there will be progress, the progress can take place when you use all of your existing resources to enable your development.


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