Think Outside the Box!

  • Ali Al-Aradi

    HRD Lecturer & Writer

In this current economic situation, the sudden drop of oil price in the Middle East enforced several organisations to down size their activities or even close down which lead to many employees reviewed their employment contacts or lost their jobs. In this situation the common question come up in the employees’ mind is “why this bad thing happens to me?” and that because the concept about their future and the benefits are vague at all. The career path become a mystery path with the economy’s up and down situations.

Perhaps the full picture of the reality is still unclear since they refuse to see the totality of it and that’s because of the inner mindset which function as a guiding system that control their total perception. This inner mindset attracts them to things that are pleasurable and consider it as ‘Good’ and running away from something that makes them feel empty and consider it as ‘Bad’. Employees look only for the good side of the picture (as they perceive it), unfortunately, this perception of what is ‘Good and Bad’ is totally faulty, since the attention was never on the whole picture, but on the micro part as they look into it from inside their box and that is problem. All the things we feel comes as a result of contrast. For example, you will only realise the height of every situation if you see the opposite of its depth and if you do not feel the bottom of it you will never know the meaning of being High!

Therefore, do not really pay much attention to what might happen, but focus on moving forward, towards your goal, your evaluation and to the comparison between what you think is ‘Good and Bad’ in the workplace for they are totally subjective. However, if you think outside your box, you will understand that the present situation is just a chapter of your career history and that no one can stop you from reaching and fulfilling your dream.


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