Business vision not consciously created!

  • Ali Al-Aradi

    HRD Lecturer & Writer

Many business owners are using the term ’Vision” in their organisations’ profile, but actually they meant something else, and that is “Desire”. It’s when someone’s dream is not a kind of consciously creations, but shall be like intuitive feeling. For example, sensing where an organisation will reach within the coming five years. Most people use the word vision and they mean this as something’s they want. People believe getting what you want (the desires) will make you happy! But, what if not? Therefore, constant struggle and stress will be dealt to whatever options and choices just to get what they want, at the end, they will realise that these desires will not make them happy in their workplace.

You can go over that situation by sitting with yourself and trying to be the receiver of that vision not consciously creating it. Maybe, it will be mixed up with a desire, and allow it to arise from the inside, free yourself from the desires and metals movements and allow your heart and intuitive senses to guide you how to think that can unfold the difficulties for the best of you. Usually, your vision will appear with purpose, benefits for you and other employees, a shared vision where every employees play role in it, therefore, the employees shall be happy going to the office every day because they are self-motivated, and enjoy the time spent in working with others toward the vision not the vision itself.


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