Why Cooperate in Corporate?

  • Ali Al-Aradi

    HRD Lecturer & Writer

The power of cooperation in workplace appears when you use your knowledge and experiences to help other employees but, on the other hand you use the others’ knowledge and experiences for your benefits; to learn from them. Learning shall be a lifelong process, because if you don’t then there will be no growth in the career path.

The problem some time, the newbies to the corporate world find it difficult to work with others in the workplace. They learnt in university or school that there shall be one winner in the class and everything is about the individual achievement which will clash with team and teamwork concept. In attempt to shift this culture, for example when a new employee is enforced to work with others where s/he doesn’t feel the belongingness or engage with team members, the feeling of being lost and not appreciated as individual will take place.

In this scenario, Human Resource Management, must have a main role in integrating both the individual and teamwork perspective in the cooperate culture, importantly on how the work objective’s designed. An employee gets motivated when s/he excel by her/his own will and in the same time being part of a team with shared purpose gets them motivated and if without individual benefits there will be no collective good. It shall be emphasized on both parts, both are very necessary as for the individual and teamwork needs.


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