Keep Smiling!

  • Ali Al-Aradi

    HRD Lecturer & Writer

When you walk in your journey obstacles will come in your way for many reasons trying to hijack the smile from your face, it is important to understand that to overcomes any obstacles, you need to have on one hand, the Inner Power, and, on the other, the Capacity to Tolerate. Tolerating does not mean to put up with. To tolerate is to accept, understand and know how to face things, to tolerate is not to put up with and then explode at a later stage. In tolerance you dissolve that which, otherwise you would be putting up with.

Tolerance is like the sea, when someone throw a lot of dirt into it, the sea absorbs it and, over time, transforms it. Tolerance is being like the sea, that is, knowing how to absorb and dissolve, and finally to make it disappear. Tolerance has to be balanced with the capacity to face things, which is based on bravery and courage. Having the power to tolerate gives you security and trust that you will be able to, you will achieve it, and you will be the victories.

With the power of tolerance, you will keep smiling, you will never be discouraged, when someone turns into an angry enemy and insults you, and you do not have even the slightest sign of dejection on your face, not even in your thoughts, that is to be tolerant. To look, to speak and to enter in contact with feelings of compassion, patience, comprehension, love and respect, with a person that you do not have a good relationship with, is to be in tolerance.


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