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Accreditations & Affiliations

As a pioneering organization in the training industry, VTDI has rigorously developed coaching and leadership programs that have earned the most trusted accreditations and respected affiliations around the world. Through these renowned accreditations and affiliations, VTDI programs set the industry standard for quality, global recognition, college equivalence and scientific efficacy.

CIPD — the professional body for HR and people development. Are the voice of a worldwide community of more than 135,000 members committed to championing better work and working lives.

Setting the benchmark for excellence in people and organisation development for more than 100 years. Through expertise and research providing a valuable point of view on the rapidly changing world of work. Setting professional standards and providing the expertise to drive the HR and L&D professions forward.

Hull College offers courses at all levels with curriculums designed in partnership with local employers, ensuring our students have the best possible chance of getting a job and being great at it. Our programmes suit people of all ages from school leavers to adults – as an alternative to school, we also offer vocational training alongside GCSEs within our 14-16 College.

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ISPE has been formed by an association of like minded professionals having common interests in the field of Academic & Professional Learning, Quality, Continuous Improvement, Lean Management, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma & overall Professional Excellence.

Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC) has established a worldwide reputation for both listening and responding to our Centres. We understand that all business models are different, and work with our Centres to help them grow their business and maximise the effectiveness of their training delivery.

IBDL Foundation is the Owner of IBDL trademark certificates around the world. Is the certifying authority of the leading international Business skills certification program that provides its services through regional offices. IBDL consists of three levels in business administration Skills (BAS).

Three decades after the publication of Masaaki Imai’s “Kaizen: The secret to Japans competitive success”, KAIZEN™ has become an everyday word in business circles. True understanding of how to implement KAIZEN™ as part of an organization’s culture is still limited, so the mission of Kaizen Institute continues.

We are the world’s leading body for professional accountants, with over 110 years of experience, innovation and excellence. We champion opportunity within accountancy, demonstrate excellence through our qualifications, and act as a driving force within the accounting profession to constantly improve working practices.

Missouri State University is a public, comprehensive university system with a mission in public affairs. Our purpose is to develop fully educated persons with a focus on ethical leadership, cultural competence and community engagement.

The Institute of Supply Chain Management was formed as the first international institute representing the interests of the supply chain industry across the world and truly encompassing all aspects of supply chain operations from purchasing to manufacturing, logistics to general management.