The VTDI team members bring a high level of expertise and energy. We have built a team of enthusiastic professionals spanning a variety of disciplines, who bring diverse perspectives to every project. Our business development and trainers combine practical knowledge of the latest developments in the field of VTDI with experience in organising and executing training programmes. To further improve these programmes and develop new teaching methods to guarantee a maximum level of knowledge transfer, we also have in-house educational specialists in our team. We empower our team with the tools and possibilities to best support the specific needs of our clients.

Quality Assurance

  • Ghada Al Rashid

    Quality Assurance

Finance Department

  • Sadiq Attar

    Financial Controller

Academic Department

  • Berlyn Joy


  • Saeed Al Nasheet


  • Saleha Haroon


  • Ali Al-Aradi

    HRD Lecturer & Writer

  • Galina Racheva


Business Development Department

  • Aqeel Kadhem

    Graphic Designer / Social Media

  • James Bunagan

    Business Development Coordinator

  • Hanan Marhoon

    Business Development Manager

Client Account Managers

  • Sara Al-Najar

    Client Account Manager

  • Sara Turif

    Client Account Manager

  • Abdulla Saif

    Client Account Manager

Client Care Department

  • Khadija Ibrahim

    Client Care Agent

  • Salwa Mahdi

    Client Care Agent

  • Jeorgin Magsisi

    Client Care Agent

  • Munyah Mahmood

    Client Care Agent

  • Amy Cuanico

    Client Care Manager

In addition to our staff, we can count on a network of highly experienced trainers who are day in and day out working with the latest technologies in the field of Education. Our network also consists of partners who complement our skills. Our partners include both individuals and companies who are familiar and experienced with our approaches and methodologies and have a proven track record in our area of expertise.