I Want To Resign!

  • Ali Al-Aradi

    HRD Lecturer & Writer

Sometimes you feel like you need to move to other employer because you do not really feel happy with the workplace’s environment or with your colleagues. Looking outside as perfect place to be, however even if you move, you may face the same situations because your inside is not changed and is still the same. In most cases, you don’t need to think of changing your workplace but to change your thinking pattern. How do you receive and perceive those situations? All of those are lessons to learn from bringing about progress in your self-development when you commit towards the perfection. Knowing that your colleagues are human beings and have their own weaknesses, you can try to accommodate their weaknesses, and inspire others to bring about transformation and work towards perfection.

When you constantly work towards bringing perfection within yourself, you will be able to take everything that happens in your workplace positively, as a chance for bringing about self-progress and be able to enjoy each moment of life.

Ali Al-Aradi
HRD Lecturer & Writer






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