No one can hold you back!

  • Ali Al-Aradi

    HRD Lecturer & Writer

In your career path you may encounter people trying to steal your success or prevent you from moving forward in your career progression. They could be a line manager or even your co-workers, waiting for a small mistake to blame you or even create stories to hold you back, it may look like that there are no valid or clear reasons behind their behavior toward you and it seems to be they are a big stone blocking your way.

Here you are in a situation where you have two choices, either to give up, feeling disappointment and lose your self-motivation, and letting them achieving their objective by breaking your paddle, or to do high jump over that stone which tries to prevent you from the success and take it as challenge to show the best from your within.

You don’t have to look at that situation as obstacle, thinking why this happening to me, but take it as opportunity to learn how to open your heart, to practice patience and tolerance, to bring out the best from you. Nothing comes your way without meaning. Those situations are tests you have to pass to enable you to move forward to the next level in the self-development, so take it with wisdom.

Ali Al-Aradi
HRD Lecturer & Writer






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