The Essence of HR

  • Ali Al-Aradi

    HRD Lecturer & Writer

HR over the last decade has become very transformational and obsessed by process and efforts to make organisations function more efficient and effective, but unfortunately management still facing growing challenges. Now is the time for a new HR solutions, it is the time to go back to the seed, we need to go back to the essence, to the foundation, which is always about knowing the self, how people learn, what motivates them, how you engage them, how they work best in teams and all these sorts of things which to some degree we probably did understand through traditional, behavioural or psychological research.

We all know about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and so on, but I believe Neuroscience perspective is lifting this to a whole new space. It determined that for the HR profession, we do go back and re-think some of these basics and then re-build in a sense of, if we understand this is really how people learn and what motivates them and how leadership works and so forth, then we should go back and re-visit and put in place a better process.

In the same way that we thought the world was flat for a very long time and we developed some technology and discovered we were wrong, for a long time we thought people were motivated primarily and mostly by money, and now we have developed some technology and discovered that our perception was wrong. So there are many, many findings that are coming out literally because we can test our hypotheses by using technology that even a decade ago didn’t exist.

Neuroscience for the first time really getting in kind of behind the curtain at HR for what’s driving, how we function and we’re able to really understand the truth about the self and what motivates people, about what drives their behaviour, about our unlimited abilities, about what we are capable of.

This will turns out a lot of our assumptions, expectations and beliefs about human functioning are actually incorrect.


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