• Eman Saeed

    Business Development Manager

Coaching is a well-known concept in the Market and it has been used in different fields from different schools and different perspectives.

In this article, Coaching will be presented from my own personal perspective. My name is Eman Saeed and I am a Professional Coach and a Business Developer in Victory Training Institute. I have been using so many different coaching techniques with myself and my staff and even my family. The outcomes of the process are tangible and realistic. Try it you will see the impact!

Where are you exactly? First step in the process is the reality check or dancing in the moment, which means exploring where are we standing and what is going on in the topic, problem or condition. The result out of this step leads us to have clarity and stating what we want exactly. I believe this is the main part of the whole process and if you accomplished it successfully with your team, you are half way through. So many people think that they know the problem after going through this stage, they realize that the issue is different and if it was the same, then they never see it as clear as it is on this level.

What happens when the topic is clear? If the topic is clear then we move to see what options we have? What limitations we honour? What do we need to do? So many questions and more clarity arise in this level with a huge shift in energy. I normally see so many wonderful potentials s and interacting ideas with huge passion and strong will. Dreams start from here and the person start to be stronger and more ready into moving to the next level.

What do we do with all this hidden potential? In this step we do our best to keep digging for more and more by stretching the person with challenging questions, taking him to places that he never wanted to go to, due to his internal limitation system that we broke earlier. Result of this level is the empowerment and readiness to take actions.

What, When and How? This is the shift and the transaction that happens when the person decide to take actual actions and achieve a goal, solve a problem or move forward through his way. The journey does not end at this level in fact it starts and the person leave with huge awareness of his potential.

As much as this journey sounds wonderful but it could be so challenging and you might go through unpleasant places and realisations, but the result out of it is the real Transaction.

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