• Keep Smiling!

    When you walk in your journey obstacles will come in your way for many reasons trying to hijack the smile from your face, it is important to understand that to overcomes any obstacles, you need to have on one hand, the Inner Power, and, on the other, the Capacity...

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  • What is your Life Dream?

    Throughout our daily routine right from the time we wake up till we go to sleep at night, we all always have something to think about, say or something to do. We are fully occupied and are busy. The question here is whether everything that we do forms part...

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  • How do you look at yourself?

    Why have we come to this world? Is it to satisfy the expectations of others or to bring what is unique and exceptional in us? Living life with purpose is like an individual running to reach s/his dream, not wasting a single minute in suffering from any obstacle on...

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  • Are you addicted on anger?

    Do you become a little irritated when you are stuck in a traffic jam?, or when you failed to complete a task as per other expectations ? or if someone whom you very well know decides to ignore you for some reason or the other?

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  • Puppet In The Workplace

    Employees sometimes feel themselves to be in a position where they feel they are being dominated and controlled negatively by the other person in workplace. A very common example of the above negative relation in workplace environment, is when a line manger gets angry with the employees to uplift…

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