• Business vision not consciously created!

    Many business owners are using the term ’Vision” in their organisations’ profile, but actually they meant something else, and that is “Desire”. It’s when someone’s dream is not a kind of consciously creations, but shall be like intuitive feeling. For example, sensing where an organisation will reach within the...

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  • Think Outside the Box!

    In this current economic situation, the sudden drop of oil price in the Middle East enforced several organisations to down size their activities or even close down which lead to many employees reviewed their employment contacts or lost their jobs. In this situation the common question come up in...

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  • The Strategic Partner

    HR business partnering (or the strategic partners) is a process whereby HR professionals work closely with business leaders and/or line managers to achieve shared organisational objectives, in particular designing and implementing HR systems and processes that support strategic business aims. This process may involve the formal designation of ‘HR business...

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  • Why Cooperate in Corporate?

    The power of cooperation in workplace appears when you use your knowledge and experiences to help other employees but, on the other hand you use the others’ knowledge and experiences for your benefits; to learn from them. Learning shall be a lifelong process, because if you don’t then there...

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  • Growth in Flipped Blended Learning

    In last couple of years we have seen significant growth in the number of teachers who are using the flipped model of blended learning. This shouldn’t really be a surprise as the majority of teachers using this model give very positive feedback about the impact on learners and results….

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